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Truly green weekend homes – Suryam Repose

Green and serene, Suryam Repose is the prefect weekend home getaway, that is just half an hours drive away from Ahmedabad. A truly green project, Suryam Repose benefits from the knowledge of a green team which includes a botanist, a geo-hydrologist, an ecologist and a landscape architect.

If you are aspiring for a great-looking home that is designed to suit your tastes the perfect way, pays heed to the smallest desires of your loved ones in every conceivable manner, and showcases your personality in more ways than one, then you are in the right place indeed. At Suryam Group, our dexterous hands that shape up smartly-designed projects can shape residential plots in Ahemdabad too.

We proudly present an exhaustive range of plots that offer you complete freedom of designing the home of your dreams –just as you wish!

Make our Residential Plots in Ahemdabad the Canvas for your Dreams

Our offering of inimitable similar plots is nothing less than a masterpiece. With our carefully laid out areas, unmatched quality and contributions in place, we aim to create history in real estate circles in the city. The residential plots in Ahemdabad on offer are located at safe and easily accessible areas, and are immaculately fringed by green environs and rapidly expanding neighborhoods. With all essential infrastructural capabilities and world-class amenities located in surrounding areas, these plots will definitely serve as the right canvas for unfolding your dreams.

Suryam's Residential Plots and YOU

At Suryam, we strongly believe in adding the element of irreplaceable quality in your existing and future lifestyle, all at very competitive prices. We create sprawling landscapes with unstoppable individuals like you in mind. Offering our residential plots in Ahemdabad to those with a vision for only the very best in residential living, we strive to deliver the maximum value for your independent housing needs, and investments alike.

Suryam Repose-- Suryam Repose, Agol, Nr. Greater Thol

Suryam Repose—located at an easy driving distance of 30 minutes from Ahmedabad, serves as the perfect weekend retreat and your home away from home. Tucked within serene environs that bring you close to many natural bounties, this project comprises of plots ranging from 500-2500 square yards in area. It is the brain child of a green team comprising of a botanist, geo-hydrologist, ecologist and landscape architect.

Our eco-friendly project boasts of beautiful landscaped gardens (Zen, Zodiac, lakeside, aroma, rare species, medicinal, Lutea, Alba, Ficus, and tropical), a club house, mother nursery, children's playground, orchards, and all other amenities. In a nutshell, the weekend villas at Suryam Repose are certainly worth their cause!

Way Forward

Get introduced to yet another edifice of our excellence and look forward to your address at one of our plots. We promise to create an integrated community where fine living will come alive in a grand, spacious and luxurious way for you. So, get in touch with our representatives and do share your interest in our plots, we will ensure that you make no compromises with the home of your dreams.

Gear up for a better tomorrow for your loved ones –by making the right decision today!

Aqua Lobby

A Aqua Lobby is a relaxing area for the guests and visitors. The area is summoned with beautiful lily pools all around. The view deck an elevated sightseeing platform gives a splendid panorama of the lake. Visitors can enjoy this serene atmosphere sitting in the covered pavilion. Additionally, Box cricket, add to the leisurely activities available here.

Water Garden

Water garden is rich iandscape culture to house, display and propagate species of aquatic plants. A brillint floating pavilion with a view deck that gives a picturesque view of the lake is integrated with cascading water gardens. The sitting islands at various levels around the pavlion are the striking feature of the entire space. These snug secluded sunken lounge areas create an intimate and cozy feeling with an awestruck visual - a perfect way to experience the mesmerizing feel of water all around and you floating above it.

1. Tropical Garden:

A tropical garden features tropical plants and requires good rainfall or a decent irrigation or sprinkler system for watering. These gardens typically need fertilizer and heavy mulching.

Tropical Savanna ecosystem

Plam deck

Tropical rainforest ecosystem

you can enjoy nature walk in tropical region which will give effect as you move from north to south the size of tree decrease

Mist Spray

2. Zen Garden:

The Japanese fry - landscape garden, often called a Zen garden . it is a traditional garden design that originated centuries ago in Japan. The aim of zen garden is to provide a space for meditation in presence of wind chimes and music.

Yoga / 2 Meditation Desk

Racking pattern

Black gravel

Japanese Pattern

Plantation of different species of bamboos (black, yellow, golden, Buddha )

Bamboos absorbs for co2 in day time, it increase the concentration, removes negativity.

3. Constellation Garden:

We have developed constellation garden with the help of expert PRL ISRO / IPRL Scientist.

Sun dial - A sundial is a device which shows the time of day by the apparent position of the Sun in the sky. In the narrowest sense of the word it consists of a flat plate (the dial) and a gnomon which casts a shadow onto the dial.

Sunsign - we have developed 12 sunsign with its constellation and trees plants according to their moon sign with their symbols.

Star gazing deck - It is the highest point of community. we have bought in house telescope/ Binocular and set up the information on star gazing and planets watching.

4. Mother Nursery:

Repose has a defined area – mother nursery where the plant species are raised to desired stage for eventual planting on site covering an area of 150 acres. It comprises of planting beds, pathways, irrigation channels, care takers room, insecticides and pesticides room, equipment room.

Planting bed- shrubs

Planting bed-trees

Planting bed- exotic plants

Agronet shade

5. Labyrinth Garden:

Labyrinths are found in many cultures and are used as a tool for centering. They all share the basic features of an entrance, a single path and a center or goal. walking in Labyrinth garden helps in getting cure from certain diseases. Increase the concentration power. while walking you can get relax and will give you. There are 10 registered garden in India ours is 11th.

Plant Hedge

Chartres Labyrinth

Finger Labyrinth


Maze Wall

6. Aroma Garden:

It is designed to stimulate the sense of smell with sweet or spicy aromas. scent is known to alter moods the garden is divided into seven "mood rooms". The pathways is designed on the principles of reflexology, a path designed to massage and stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to various energy meridians of the body.

Reflexology path


Jasminium (For Example Lavender Smell Very Helpful In Sleeping)

Lemon grass

7. Alba Garden:

Alba garden is feature garden composed of plants that produce white flowers as well as plants with a white or silvery cast to their foliage. The most essential feature of the white garden is its unity of colour.

White flowering shrubs

White hedges

Trellis with swings

Trellis court

8. Lutea Garden:

Lutea garden is a feature garden composed of plants that produce yellow flowers as well as plants with yellow cast to their foliage. Yellow is colour of joy. It is associated with laughter, happiness and good time.

Yellow flowering shrubs

Yellow hedges

Yellow theme wall

Yellow canopy- dinning court

Construction Specifications

Unit Development
Studio Unit
size: 96 Sq. Yds.
Any plot can have this construction
size: 136 Sq. Yds.
Any plot can have this construction
size: 209/212/219/257 Sq. Yds.
Plot area Should be minimum 1000 Sq.yds

Repose Villa Specifications

Flooring : A Full body vitrified tiles in all rooms.(Restyle) or equivalent.

Full body vitrified tiles in toilet floor and dado till lintel level .(Restyle) or Equivalent.
Premium brand sanitary-ware and fitting (Kohler) or equivalent.

External wall finished with texture and premium acrylic paint (ici) or equivalent.
Internal wall finished with double coat putty.

Heavy aluminium section (anodized) in all external opening with silicon sealant
flush doors with laminates or paints both sides(no doors in store and kitchen).

All jambs in granite.

Premium quality modular switches (Schneider) or equivalent.
Premium quality concealed copper wiring with ISI & FR cable.

Granite sandwich plate form without furniture.
24hrs. Water supply through pressure pump and Emergency water from Loft tank.

Reinforced concrete sloping roof with integral waterproofing and insulation properties,Finished with glass mosaic or equivalent in top.

11”x11” Multicoloured paved parking.

Mosquito net
Safety M.S. Grill as per Sample House.

A.C.Copper piping.
A.C. Wooden Pelmet in Drawing Room.

Hard Landscape and Soft landscape Development in Net Plot Area.

Soak pit Connection of 6ft. Diameter with 10 to 12ft. Depth.
GEB Meter – single phase

Revised Plan Pass.

Repose Villa Development Cost

Construction cost will be Rs. 24000/- Per Sq.Yds with landscaping in 1000 Sq.Yds plot.


Entrance Plaza Lily Pool Pool Deck Bridge Lounge

Club House
Cafeteria Fun Pool Water Creature Library Gymnasium
Indoor Games Room Gathering for 100-500 persons Audio System Lightning System

Lake Side Garden
Pond Island Garden Natural Trail Walk Track Boating Deck

Tropical Garden
Palms Grasses Strata Painting

Zen Garden
Meditation Pavillion Bamboos

Constellation Garden
Star Gazing Deck Sun Dial

Mother Nursery
Plant Saplings Planting Beds Green House

Labyrinth Garden
Plant Hedge Maze Wall Finger Labyrinth

Aroma Garden
Scented Plants Signage

Lutea Garden
Theme of Yellow Flowers

Alba Garden
Theme of White Flowers

Children Playground
Children Play Area Play Court

Cricket Ground Earth Berm Periphery cycle track Shade Trees

Maintenance Staff

Fruit Trees Inside the Plot
Anjir Badam(Termilliance Catappa)
Mango Emli
Jamun Chiku
Banana Lemon Bijora
Organ Jamphal (Psidium Guajava)
Sitaphal Amla
Dadam Papaya
Trees inside plots, on roads & periphery sides
Cassia Fistula(Garmalo/Amaldas) Cassia Nodosa
Delonix Regia (Gulmohar) Milletia Pinata
Termillinea Arjuna (Arjun/Sadada) Ceiba Petandra (Safed Shimla)
Crevelia Robusta(Sal) Sterculia Foetida (Asopala)
Polyathia Longifolia (Asopalav) Alstonia Scholaris (Saptparna)
Pongamia pinnata (Karanj) Anthocephallus Kasamba
Peltophorum ferruginium (Taamraparni) Spathodea Campunalat (Amli)
Kejalia Pinnata (Sausage) Cassia stamea (Garmali)
Millingtonia hortensis Ficus Religiosa (Pipdo)
Plumeria Alba (Champa) Bauhinia variegated (kanchnar)
Acacia Auriculiformis (Bangali Baval) Tabebuia Argentea
Madhuca Indica (mahudo) Formosa Mimusopa Eleng

Advantage of Suryam Repose

Geographically important location.

A Countryside drive with natural surrounding.

Easy connectivity to ahmedabad city with safe night driving road (4km from Auda limit, 27 kms from corporation limit- Shilaj ring road)

Double track lane road connectivity from Shilaj to Thol

In vicinity of sanand city / sanand industrial zone

Different Places Near By Suryam Repose
Serisa jain Tirth 28
Bhoyani Jain Tirth 35
Dhakdi 36
Pansar 45
Sankheshwar Jain Tirth 79
Kanjari Deer Park 05
Thol Bird Sanctuary 12
Samprati Shangor Tirthdham 19
Kali Mandir Khatraj 22
Kadi 18
Sanand 20
Viramgam 24
Ahmedabad (AMC Limit) 27
Kalol 28
Mehsana 45
Khatraj 20
Tata Nano 20
Sanand GIDC 23
Santej / Bhadaj GIDC 27
Changodhar 35
Chhatral GIDC 39

Completed Development :

All RCC road infrastructure of segment a,b,c


Club House


Tropical Garden

Zen Garden

Constellation Garden

Mother Nursery

Lutea Garden

Alba Garden

75+ villas of members

Labyrinth Garden

Aroma Garden

Third Lake

Current Development:

D Segment


Went to Suryam Repose on Sunday and I must say Me and my family had a blast there…..we went for a boating ride at their lake and it was such a wonderful experience…the lake was neat and clean and the you could see greenery all around!! I am sure no place can beat this boating experience the one like Suryam Repose…. this is the kind of place I wanted to invest in where every detail is kept in mind from the studios, the greenery and other amenities and now I feel I have made the best choice!!

- Akshay Desai

It was a Saturday evening…..we 5 friends thought of spending time at my Suryam Repose studio…It is a beautiful place after roaming around the area we came across this Café Lake…what a wonderful place!! The ambience and the food, it was just perfect and the best part was the service we got from the staff!! Well done Suryam Repose!! Not just time well spent after hearing the praises from all my friends I now know that's it's also my money well spent and invested!!

- Komal Bhatt

I am an ardent researcher of architectural sites and real estates…Ahmedabad is a city that never fails to astound me!! Recently I came across a billboard of Suryam Repose and thought of checking it out!! It's a few kms away from the city and what a place!! Its commendable the work Suryam group has put into this site!! From amazing architecture of the studios, to the gardens, the natural lakes, the health club everything is just so soothing to the eyes!! Infrastructural wise Suryam Group has definitely set the standard bar high this time!! And I would like to give a special mention to the greenery here what a delightful pleasure to have visited this place. Buying a land here is the best decision of my life and I just don't feel like leaving this place and go back to the city life!!

- Kuldeep Trivedi

From quite some time I was looking for a weekend home to buy and invest in….I came across Suryam Repose…this was exactly what I was looking for!! I felt like I have entered a different foreign world everything was perfect according to my wishes so after a few queries I finally took the step and decided to invest here… They made the entire process so easy and transparent for me…From the registration to the buying till the final documentation everything was done instantly and with full transparency and I got the documents in my hand in one day…I am so satisfied this has been the best deal of my life.

- Rajan Shah

"Sitting beside the lake, lost in myself"

- Deepali Bhatt

"Our moments were best captured during sunset when sun rays stream through the groves of blooming trees,setting the backdrop ablaze."

- Kamlesh Patel

"you will be amazed by the thoughts that come to your mind when you are just gazing up above at the shiny little things."

- Aanal Shah

"Swinging amongst the white flower beds is a peace treat."

- Dr. Sameer Dani

"Suffered with the smell of earthbound flowers, you will feel focused and relaxed."

- Dr. Manish Bhatnagar

"A quite place where the simple act of walking offers a way to clear the mind and focus attention."

- Nakul Ghiya

"Just as soul music touches deep into your emotions,so does the lake Cafe's food."

- Falgun Bhatt

"Aesthetically done plantation around the villas are in balance with nature that harmonizes with the inner self."

- Tejas Desai


Suryam Repose

Village – Agol (Pin : 382165 ),
Taluka – Kadi, Dist:- Mehsana
Booking Contact : 9033117777, 9033116666
Office Contact: +91-79-29702249, +91-79-29702250

Photo Gallery