The Suryam Story

Suryam Group began with a simple idea, of giving more than what customers expect. Right from our inception in 1993, we have tried to understand what the customer wants and observe what they need, and then deliver a lot more so their future dreams are covered too. We believe providing the smallest of amenities, and adding the tiniest of thoughtful details sometimes goes a long way in giving our customers an enhanced living experience, whether it’s a first home, a second one away from the city, or even a commercial space.

With our path-breaking luxury projects Suryam Repose and Banyan, we are emerging as the preferred choice of the discerning luxury customer in the Ahmedabad real estate market. However, our core philosophy remains the same, we will always give more, more than promised and more than imagined.

It is this generosity and commitment to our customers and path-breaking innovation in luxury living that defines us. It also makes the emerging leader of luxury real estate development in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

After all we don’t just build houses or commercial spaces, we create communities; of people who live together, grow together, celebrate together and create memories together. And we call them, the Suryam Family


Creating limitless luxury living spaces that bring together modern luxury, practicality and fulfills dreams for thriving communities.


To evolve the way we imagine luxury living. To make people believe in their aspirations of a higher standard of living, of making these dreams come true through our holistic yet practical approach to building homes that speak of the highest quality and innovation.

Redefine luxury living for Ahmedabad by being the pioneers of approachable and limitless luxury through sustainable living spaces for communities that live together, celebrate life and thrive.

Our Story

Suryam Developers was founded in 1993 in Ahmedabad by Mr. G.M. Patel, whose family was traditionally in the business of manufacturing electrical motors and capacitors. A thriving entrepreneur, Mr. Patel explored various sectors and industries in the state where he could grow and evolve further. In the real estate development and housing sectors he noticed a big gap, between what the customer wanted and what was being offered. To him this gap spelled P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L.

Mr. Patel and his team set about researching what home buyers and investors wanted. And through numerous observations, conversations, and studies of the existing market, they realized that people wanted spaces where their needs are anticipated and met, even if it meant paying a little extra. Spaces where they can become part of a larger community. Where their kids can go down and play. Where they can celebrate life and its moments.

And this sparked the birth of our first project in Ahmedabad, Suryam Greens, a premium 1-BHK housing project in Nikol, East Ahmedabad. Where we made sure to create enough communal space for the residents to play, walk, even dance during those nine nights! Maximizing elevators, creating spacious basements, providing well-managed parking spaces and open green spaces are basic necessities for our constructions, no matter what the size of the development or the residences.

Since our first project, Suryam Group has gone above and beyond to give our customers more than what they expect, setting benchmarks for an approachable and inclusive luxury in Ahmedabad. And now in our current phase, we are emerging as the leading players in creating new spaces providing uber luxury, whether it is in the form of sustainable living with nature at Suryam Repose or limitless luxury at The Banyan.

Chairman's Message

Mr. G.M.Patel, Founder & Chairman

Among industries, the Indian real estate market is attracting a lot of attention. This is generating new vistas of opportunities. The scope of growth is only limited by vision.

With long-standing experience and proven expertise, SURYAM DEVELOPERS LLP are ready to capitalize on this golden opportunity and enrich lives. By developing a better understanding of customer needs, and putting customers' interests first, we are coming up with innovative projects that set standards of excellence.

Strong Ethical Values
We derive our strength and conviction from our strong ethical values. By maintaining high standards of quality and developing cost-effective residential and commercial structures, we are delivering exceptional value. Our commitment of value to the buyer is built on the bedrock of trust and transparency.

With a professional management team that is a blend of youth and experience, deep focus on quality, reliability, speed, and transparency, we are scaling great heights of excellence.

By adding new competencies, implementing best practices and technologies, we aspire to grow into being one of the most trusted real estate developers in the nation. We want to help build our nation by energizing lives.