Our Team

Mr. G.M. Patel, Founder & Chairman

Our chairman Mr. G.M. Patel, a first generation real estate developer, founded Suryam Group in Ahmedabad in 1993. His vision is clear – to make residents of Ahmedabad experience luxury everyday. His generosity is visible in the residential properties he creates – a Suryam Group project is known to exceed expectations. Under his leadership, Suryam has grown leaps and bounds, and has been recognised for putting quality at the forefront on every project we deliver.

Mr. Kaushik Patel, Director - Operations

The brains behind the entire operations of the group, ensuring every cog in the wheel keeps the juggernaut moving. A civil engineer by qualification, Kaushik understands the needs of communities in modern cities such as Ahmedabad. As director of operations, he is in charge of liaisoning, and ensuring time bound completion of all ongoing Suryam Group projects at multiple locations in Gujarat.

Mr. Ishan Patel, Director - Branding & Communication

An architect by training, Ishan has the ability to convert an empty space into a work of living art. And as director of branding and communication for Suryam Group, he has elevated the brand to symbolise modern luxury living in Gujarat. He is obsessed with quality while looking for something new to experiment with, something that is evident in the unimaginable luxury of a project like The Banyan and in the thoughtful details of Suryam.

Shaili Kastia, Director - Design & Planning

A CEPT alumni, Shaili Kastia's impeccable taste define our designs at the Suryam Group. Her passion and innate knack for design is what led her to Hochschule fur Technik in Stuttgart after her time at CEPT University. Originally from Ahmedabad, Shaili believes in constant learning of the environment and design, so the two can work hand in hand.

Ajal Patel, Director - Sales

With a formidable experience of over 22 years in the field of sales and marketing, Ajal is the backbone of our Sales team. Since joining Suryam back in the year 2010, Ajal has been using his skills, honed in the competitive Ahmedabad real estate market, to take Suryam to new heights by reaching the most people. Ajal holds a PG Diploma in Management for marketing, advertising and sales from the Gujarat University.

Hitesh Patel - Director Sales

Hitesh Patel joined Suryam Group in 2006 and currently oversees the sales department of our company. After his bachelor's degree in engineering from National Institute of Technology, he realized that apart from having a knack for numbers, what he was really passionate about was business and strategy. Today he is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the Suryam Group.

Rajesh Padariya, Director - Business Development

Rajesh Padariya ensures that the luxury we create reaches and connects with the right audience. He is an expert at building new and valuable relationships.