Why Us?

Always There

Once our journey starts together we take pride in staying with our customers and vendors all the way. Whether it is The Banyan or our very first project created almost 3 decades ago, we maintain all our properties ourselves. For the customer, this means greater accountability and of course faster service.

Always Give More

From 1993 to today, our underlying philosophy has been to give the customer more than they expect. Sometimes it is one more elevator, one more park, more common space. And often it is luxuries that they did not expect were possible.

Always Fearless

The biggest residential apartments in India. We did it. The first experiential and sustainable living weekend homes in Ahmedabad. We did it. Creating luxury when and where it wasn’t expected. We did it. At Suryam Group, we thrive on doing the unconventional. We always get there first. And that’s why we are leaders in the fast-growing luxury real estate market.

Always Sustainable

One of our core philosophies here at Suryam Group is to work in harmony with nature and take our customers back to it. At Suryam Repose, we have designed a sustainable project for slow experiential living, away from the bustle of the main city and closer to natural elements. We believe the inside can not exist in isolation from the external.

Always Thoughtful

From creating a sustainable design for slow experiential living to bringing art and architecture together in India’s biggest residential apartments for limitless luxury. From adding extra amenities to creating more communal spaces. Our designs and execution has always been done with a mind full of clear thoughts and intent.

Always Luxury

We live and breathe luxury at the Suryam Group. We also believe that everyone deserves to experience luxury. Whether it is an inclusive and approachable luxury or the limitless opulent luxury of The Banayan. Luxury for us means time and quality. Time for yourself. And quality of design, construction and materials.